Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

Praying For Ellie

Hey y'all, I've got a quick prayer request from my friend, Libby. Here is what she said:

My sister's close friend, who is only eight years old, fell off a tree -- a drop of about two and a bit yards/metres -- breaking the worst bone in your leg that you can break, and breaking her wrist and nose. They say she's going to stay in the hospital for six weeks!!!!!!

The family is finding it really hard since the father has also got broken ribs, and had to BIKE RIDE up to the hospital when it happened, since the little girl was at my place when she fell, and her parents weren't around.

I was there, waiting for the ambulance to come (lets not mention she fell on someone elses driveway, on the CONCRETE!) and comforting her and stuff. She also hit head-first, but, THANK YOU GOD! -- she doesn't have anything wrong with her brain or anything.

She was the bravest little girl ever, and I want to tell her so. ...thank you Jesus -- nothing is wrong with her neck or spine.

She was rushed to the hospital -- her mother uncontactable -- and my mom went a long with them. Luckily she was chatting all the way to the hospital because that is a really good sign.

Now her mom is with her at hospital and her sisters are with the dad, in tears of course. But normally, when you break a bone, all the pain comes in the next few days, and that's what's happening with her. PLEASE PRAY, because she is in SO much pain.

And here is the latest update from Libby.

Okay, so I just remembered something I heard when I was with Ellie. The nurses were talking about all the broken femurs they'd had this year. Normally they had three a year, but this year, Ellie was NUMBER SIX to have a broken femur!!!!!!! That's why they hardly knew what to do about a traction and this one nurse had to explain and stuff. They were all REALLY scared to work on Ellie because the last three haven't been successful at all (I heard all this -- they were talking about it. I don't know if Ellie heard or not... but I did.) and I was like, no way.Please, please, PLEASE pray that this traction will be successful for Ellie, and that it will heal properly and NOTHING will go wrong like the last three the nurses have worked with. Please pray for wisdom for those nurses and that God will guide their hands as they work with her.I thought that was really shocking to hear, so yeah, please pray about that.

I know they would appreciate your prayers. I will keep y'all updated if I can!

In Christ,


♥Libby♥ said...

Thanks Buttercup! I've got something else you can pray for too if you dont mind...

PLEASE pray for my mum today... she's having sergury near her eye, please pray for wisdom and that it will all work out well and nothing will go wrong. thanks. She'll be gone like alll day, and I mean alllll day, so please, please pray!!

♥Libby♥ said...

I awarded you!! http://girlsofhope.blogspot.com/2009/09/awards-and-ellie.html

Buttercup said...

COOL! Your blog doesn't want to work on my computer right now... so I will check tomorrow! :D Thanks!