Friday, October 2, 2009

An Award!


Hey Y'all!

I just got my first award today! I'm so happy! :D Now I have to say seven things about myself, and award this to seven blogging friends! Here we go!

1. I love God!!!! So much!!!!

2. I love being with friends and family! I've got some awesome peeps! :P LOL. And YOU might be one of them! :D

3. I love scrapbooking, crocheting, and other crafts!

4. I love reading!

5. I love blogging! Hehehe.

6. I love making new, Christian, friends; both online, and personally!

7. I obviously LOVE exclamation points!!!! LOL :P

Okay, I know I did seven things I like, but, that's seven things about me! Right?! Here's the people I picked. :D

Libby I love your blogs, sister! You blogs about interesting, important, and fun things!

Emily Rose Emily, I have loved your blog since...since....sometime. I don't know when I found your blog. :D

Breezy I LOVE your art, Breezy!!!! And your posts!!!!

iheart You girls post about such a wide variety of important things applying to the Christian life. I really love your blog. And wish more people knew of it! You are a very encouraging bunch of Christian friends! :)

Chelsea Girl! You are the only person who has told me the way you found my blog! And, well, it was unexpected, yet cool! :D I love your blog!

Rachel Rachel, I love your posts! I wish you would post more often... hint hint..... :D You are very encouraging, sister!

If you haven't seen some of these girl's blogs, then I definitely encourage you to! They are great Christian friends!

I don't know any other. :( Now I would love to meet some of you other bloggers! Just come introduce yourself anytime! :D

I am trying to get a few friends to start blogs, but, it's uphill work! :( If y'all have anything you'd like to say....LOL. I can tell 'em! :D

In Christ,


♥Libby♥ said...

Hey Buttercup!
Thanks for the award!
BTW, I came here through Chelsea's blog. I kept seeing your comments, and decided I'd finally check out your blog. I did, and yay, I'm so gald! You're a great blogger friend :)

Buttercup said...

thanks, Libby. :D I love making new friends! :D

Chelsea said...

Hey Buttercup,
Thanks so much for the award! I really appreciate it!! (LOL! I like exclamation marks too! hehe.) Thanks also for commenting on my blog so often even though I don't post very often. Anyways, I LOVE your blog and I hope that you will keep shining your light for Him.
<3 (love) Chelsea

Buttercup said...

Thanks Chelsea! I shall keep shining! I pray nothing shall get in my way! It would be hard to stop me! LOL. R U going to try the quiz?

iHeart said...

Thanks so much for the award! Hopefully we will get more readers on our blog! :) Also, thanks for commenting on our blog. It's a real blessing to us :D God Bless you!!

In Christ,

iHeart said...

Sure, we would love to give you the code for our button. Could you email us? Thanks so much!

Buttercup said...

doing it right now!

Katie said...

Hey girly!

I found your blog through The Rebelution.

You're so precious :) Looking forward to reading more!

God bless!

Raine said...

hi.. i'm raine, 18.. i got here via therebelution blog too.. happy to see Christian girl bloggers here.. hope to be part of the community soon, even if i'm on the other side of the world.. btw, i'm from the philippines ;)