Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Search my blog!!! Giveaway!!!

Quiz time!

Hey y’all! Well, I got this idea from Libby, (you've probably seen a lot of stuff she's made for me, or told me how to do lately!) who just did this on her blog! I had so much fun doing it, that I thought y’all would too!

The first place prize is: the Chris Tomlin “Arriving” CD! AND you get to do a guest post on my blog and I can do one on yours (I personally think that is a lot of fun!). AND I will link to your blog on mine! AND you will have all rights to use a photograph of mine, of course, it is still mine under copyright, but you can use it however you like! (i.e. Backgrounds, buttons, etc.)

The second place prize is: you get to do a guest post on my blog and/or I will do one on yours. AND you will also have a picture (not yet decided which) of mine to use! AND I will link to your blog on mine!

For third place: YOU get to chose two of the things in the second place prize!

It ends on the seventh of October! So you've got plenty of time! But don't wait! If you got them all correct but someone did it first, then you get second or third place. If you win first place, but don't like Chris Tomlin (I don't know how you couldn't!) or already have the CD or you are just feeling generous then just tell me, and I'll send it to the second place winner. :P

Please do it! You’ll have so much fun! You can use the search bar if you need to, but for my questions, I don't think you'll need to, or can really. :D

Ready? Set? Go!

1. What was my first post titled?

2. How many posts were in the 2nd Timothy study?

3. Which month did I post the most?

4. What label has been used the most?

5. Am I the only person that has ever posted on here? If not, then who else posted?

6. What or who is most important in my life?

7. How many links to other sites are on my sidebar?

8. What does FTF stand for?

9. What am I trying to do once a month this year?

10. What grade am I in?

11. Who did I name myself after?

12. How many/which blogs do I participate in?

13. Where is the word "Faultless" used?

14. What's my latest post titled? As of when you do this.

15. Tell other bloggers about the quiz and the prizes! And link back to me!

Once you've got your answers, post it in a comment,* I will not post the comments till the last day! And be sure to check out Libby's blogs! Thanks a ton, Libby!

If there are any changes I will let you know asap!

Have fun! Buttercup :D

*For those of you who only get these posts by email. Now you've got a reason to visit my blog! LOL. You can tell me your answers by email if you want. :D

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