Monday, September 21, 2009


Hi Y'all! I am going to undertake a big project! I think that God wants me to raise the money for a fully-equipped missionary vehicle for the native missionaries of Asia through Gospel For Asia (GFA). Here is what the site says on what it is,

A fully equipped vehicle—complete with an Indian-made film on the life of Christ, an LCD projector, generator, mobile public address system, Gospel tracts, Bibles and flip charts—is $21,000.

Yeah I know, $21,000. But, if God said do it, I can! So, do you want to help me??? You don't have to. :P Please get the word out! Direct people to my blog, where I will update! I think I will put this button on the sidebar, so you don't have to find the specific post. Since it is so much money, I am going to donate each month, whatever I recieve; so, it will probably not all go to one vehicle, but my goal still is $21,000!

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