Friday, December 30, 2011

Strange how things Change

My dear readers! I am back! Three months is so long and so short a time. Short in the way that its hard to believe that I haven't posted since then. Long in the way that it feels like I've grown up a lot since then. I don't know what it is about time, but it feels like you never have enough of it and it flies so fast. 

Funny thing about time. You love it and you hate it. You hate it when you can't wait for some specific time or event to come. You love it when it's there and when it's gone it's kind of a mixture of feelings. Love-hate relationship I suppose.

What's strange is change. It's strange how these two things we love and hate work together in perfect harmony to create the constant whirl of life. As time goes by everything around us changes - and we change. It's hard to find a solid, unchanging ground to stand upon, but once you find it, it will carry you through life - through all those changes - and it alone will be unchanging. This ground is God. This solid, unchanging, firm place is our Heavenly Father. The only One who will not change, who will carry you through life with all that change, whether good or bad, and will never let you fall. 

Maybe that's what has changed most in my life in the past three months. My feet have become even more firmly planted on that Solid Ground. Daily it seems like they can't be more firmly planted, but as the next day (or challenge) comes and goes, I am over and over again proven wrong. And how glad I am that I have been wrong so many times! Because for every time I am wrong my feet are planted more firmly and my eyes more set on that which matters most of all. Yes, both my feet and eyes go astray way too often from that which they should be on, but without fail He brings me back again. That's the God I serve. 

It's strange how things change. One day you think everything is great, nothing could go wrong; the next day the clouds overhead become dark and let loose their water; and the next, the sun shines out even brighter than before. You can't ever tell what the next day - or even the next moment! - will bring, but you know that the Rock you are continually standing upon will always be the same.

Thanks, Talia, for encouraging me to come back. :)
In Christ our Rock I stand,