Monday, September 29, 2008

Dad Leaves :(

My Dad left two Sundays ago, so we have all just been trying to get back in the groove. That is why I have not blogged in 2 weeks! Soooo sorry! His R&R went way faster than we all planned, and we did not get everything done. But man! we loved having him home! He will be back home probably in the middle of February. Hopefully he will make it back home in time for my birthday(it is the end of February), and my Mom's, whose birthday is in the middle of February. :) I Love You Daddy!!!

Thank you for your comments, I enjoyed hearing from you! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not-So-Secret Service

Not-So-Secret Service, the co-op class I am taking, is about "serving the Lord through intercommunication." So on the first week, we did a personality test. It was set up with 40 sections, in each section it had 4 words. You had to pick the one word in each section that described you most. I thought it was pretty cool. This Friday we were talking about how to read someones feelings through their body language. Like, different things people do with their face, to show that they are angry, happy, embarrassed, sad, joyful, etc. Or how you can show someone that you are listening by leaning forward. It is a really fun class, and I hope I learn a lot of useful things out of it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane IKE

There is another hurricane hitting southern Texas this weekend, it is hurricane Ike. And it is going to be a big one. We have friends down there that are coming up to our house today to evacuate. If you want to get an update on hurricane Ike you can go here. Right now it is a category 2, and they think that it will go up to a category 4. I hope it doesn't. The south is also supposed to get 2-5 feet of rain. Please pray for the people down there, they are in need of your prayers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2nd Homeschool Co-op Starts

Our 2nd homeschool co-op started on Monday, and it was so much fun! My classes are: 1st period: Tae Kwon Do, 2nd period: Microscope Biology, 3rd period: Volleyball. So, this semester I have two sport type classes and one study type class. I am so glad that I got those classes, those were my first choices. Now I will describe each class to you like I did on Friday.

Tae Kwon Do is basically a type of karate. I did it last semester too, so I am already a gold belt. I was really sore on Tuesday since I had not practiced or done the stretching like that all summer. This semester I am going to try to test for my Orange belt.

Microscope Biology is going to be really fun I think. My teacher has a few really good microscopes for us to use, which I think is really cool. I did not think that I would like it very much, but I love it and it is very interesting. I am taking the class with one of my sisters.

This is the second semester I have taken Volleyball, 'cause I loved it! My Mom played Volleyball when she was little, so I thought that I should try it too.

Doing two co-ops a week sometimes gets hard, but I love it because I get to be with my friends that don't go to the same church as me. A plus to being homeschooled is that you are not under the influences of other kids, that don't share your same beliefs, and I think that is so important. The Bible tells us not to be "yoked together with unbelievers." Or in other words, don't hang out with people that don't believe in God. They are bad influences. I will update you on co-op as much as I can. I hope you enjoy reading about it!

Friday, September 5, 2008

1st Homeschool Co-op Starts

Today was the first day of Co-op! It was so much fun! These are my classes: 1st period-Southern Hospitality, 2nd period-Not-So-Secret Service, 3rd Period-Drama. And those were all of the classes that I wanted, so I am so happy. I am now going to give you a description of what the classes are about.

Southern Hospitality is basically a cooking class. Today we decorated our aprons, wrote down a recipe in our personal cookbooks, and made four dozen muffins! In one hour! We sold them to the families in co-op. And we sold almost every muffin, we had one left over. We were selling them for fifty cents each. Over the next 7 weeks we will be learning things like cake decorating and baking. It is a really fun class!

In Not-So-Secret Service today we really did not do very much, because our teacher had a sick child, so I can give you a better description next week.

Drama was really a lot of fun today! This is my second semester to be in this drama class so I already had been taught the things she talked about today, but we got to play a few improv. games, and that is always really fun. I love Co-op!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Was Wrong

Well, remember how I told you in the last post that we were planning on "just hanging out today"? I was wrong, very wrong! Dad got here as you know, at three o'clock a.m. And it is now about five o'clock in the evening. Since everyone got up(which was around 6:30 or 7:00, we have: fixed the vacuum, fixed the sink leak, pulled up the dining room carpet, returned the rented car, pulled up some of the foyer tiles, and now Dad and one of my sisters are out fixing the cars! Do you think that sounds like "hanging out"? I didn't, but now I sorta do. When you think about work, it always sounds more fun to do it together, so we have all had a great day. I love our family! :)

Dad is Home!

Dad is home! Finally! His plane got delayed, so that is why he did not get here yesterday morning. He got here at about three o'clock this morning, so when I woke up he was sitting in the computer chair talking to Mom. I was the first one up(besides my baby sister). I am so happy! I wish he did not have to go back in a few weeks, but he will be home for good in about five months. We plan on just hanging out today, that will be nice. I am SO glad he is finally home!