Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Years Resolutions, #7

Ahhh! Sorry I forgot to update last month. :( Well, here's an update!

1. As for my Bible reading, it is going great! I have been reading a chapter (or, rather, a book the last few days :P) a day. Today I read Jude, it is only one chapter long, so, I just read the whole book!

2. To be honest, I KEEP FORGETTING!!!!!! Well, my sis and I just changed rooms (I'll talk more about that later :D) so, right now, it is very clean! :P

TTYL! (Talk To Y'all Later!)

In Him,
Buttercup :)


♥Libby♥ said...

Hey, I love this blog!!!
could I make a blog button 4 it?

Buttercup said...

Hi Libby!

Thanks for the comment! Sure! I don't see any reason why not, for the other blog too if you want. Thanks for the thought! You're sweet!

Love in Him,
Buttercup :D

♥Libby♥ said...

Hey Buttercup,

To make the different pages and stuff, you have to do a bit of hard stuff, but I'm going to post how on my Design blog soon.
Okay, I'll make you a button right now! Oh, and for which other blog? The sewing one?

Buttercup said...

Okay, cool! whatever you want to do, the photography blog would be cool. Thanks, Libby! God bless!

In Christ,
Buttercup :P

♥Libby♥ said...

Okay, cool. What about just all of them except the private ones :)?

Buttercup said...

Great! I spent fourty five minutes this morning just trying to figure out how to make a button. That's how bad I am at it! LOL. I've never done it before. Thanks again!

♥Libby♥ said...

Yeah, it can be pretty hard. It took me a while to. But I got better at it when I made like a million buttons in one day. hehe!
I'm going to work on your buttons real soon!