Monday, August 11, 2008

Interior Design

Interior Design has been just a "cool thing", now it is becoming a interest and hopefully a hobby of mine. Today I did some interior designing to my bedroom, now keep in mind that I share this room with two sisters, so I could not do exactly what I wanted to do with it because they did not like me changing the room very much. But I did do a little.

My sisters and I have Polly Pocket dolls that we make cardboard houses for, it is really fun to design each bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. I use scrapbook paper to paper the walls, and sometimes the floor. We also sew our own mini blankets , pillows, couches, etc. Designing these mini rooms is really fun, and it does not cost much at all! If anyone has any ideas on where I can learn more about interior design, please comment on this post:)

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