Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Chores are Fun"

"Thanks for letting us do our chores, Mom. Chores are fun, I like mopping the floor," my little brother said a few days ago. Wow! He has never said that before! We usually have assigned chores to do, but yesterday Mom decided to try something new. She had ALL of us do ALL of the rooms together! So we set the kitchen timer for five minutes and started cleaning the den. (Now, remember that I have five younger siblings, and we make big messes.) And we got it done right as the timer went off. We did the same thing with the living room, the dining room, the hall and foyer, and the kitchen. It worked great! And we got the main part of the house done in record time.

As I already said, we had assigned chores, so now we are working together to clean the main part of the house. I say the main part, because we are not working together to clean our bedrooms! Personally, I like working on my chores by myself, so I didn't think I would like doing this. But getting it done that fast was awesome, so I think I like working together on chores better now.

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