Friday, August 15, 2008

Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things is a book for teenagers by teenagers Alex and Brett Harris, 19 year old twin brothers. Mom had me start reading it today, and I am already on the second chapter, but I plan on reading a lot more of it this weekend! It is a great book that every teen should read.

Chuck Norris wrote the foreword of the book, and here is some of what he said, "Their book is far more than a how-to book. From an insightful historical overview of the teen years to personal plans for helping teens hurdle tough obstacles, the authors sound a battle cry to raise the cultural bar on teenage potential and to challenge young people to reach for their God-given best."

Alex and Brett Harris have a website where you can chat with other teens who are going through the same things as you. It is They also do conferences all over the United States. I have never gone to one, but I would like to! I will keep you posted on my progress with the book, I hope you read it too!

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tawny13 said...

Hi im tawny. I love what you are saying in your posts! You are so uplifting, open, and positive!
You sound really passionate about God.

Im actually finishing up DHT and am loving every step of the way. I read it in my PUBLIC school which I was kinda shocked about at first, but I am starting to warm up to it, but the point is it keeps me where I am supposed to be spiritually by challenging me every time I read it.
Keep on and God Bless!
tawny13 <3