Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting Ready

Remember how I told you about our family project? Well, since it is this weekend we are working hard this week to make sure that all of the kinks are flattened out in time for the sale, we are hoping that everything runs smoothly. To make more money for the Well I am making some crocheted items to sell at the garage sale this weekend. I thought of the idea on Monday, so I have not had much time to make things but I am working on it:) I hope to make 20 headband, 10 round dish cloths and10 rectangular dish cloths, and if I have the time I am going to make a couple purses. My oldest, younger sister is making 18in. doll clothes, my mom is making coasters, and another sister of mine is making bracelets.

Today we are going to be working on our crafts and baking! For our last garage sale we had lots of baked goods and drinks to sell, and they sold pretty good, so we are going to make more for this garage sale. Please pray that we will be successful in this garage sale :)

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GB said...

I'm so proud of you for working so diligently today! You bless me!
Momma :)