Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sherwood Pictures

Hey y'all!

Well, if you haven't seen the poll on the left sidebar then you probably have no idea why I'm posting this. lol. In the poll I asked what your favorite Sherwood Pictures movie is, and the choices were: Flywheel; Facing the Giants; Fireproof; I think it will be their next one, Courageous; I've never heard of any of them (hint hint. post about it!); and, I love them all!

As you have probably already guessed, I have had one vote and it was for the: "I've never heard of any of them (hint hint. post about it!)". lol. So, here we go!


Here is their main website:

And from there, you can get to any of the movie websites.


But first, their first movie: Flywheel!

This is a great movie, not as high quality as the others, but still a terrific story! I really encourage everyone to watch it!

It is about a man who is not a Christian, owns a car lot, and cheats all his customers, by telling them too high a price, and telling them they are getting a good deal of a trash of a car, and even, by lying to them, telling them it was never wrecked, when really it was.

Later on, he finds Christ, and puts all his faith and trust in Him; including his lot. He stops cheating people, and actually returns all the money that he overcharged them. Once he handed his lot over to God, the whole problem worked out. His debts, he was able to pay. His customers that he cheated, were returned their money. His relationship with his wife and young boy, were healed.


Next, Facing the Giants!

This is also an awesome story! The same main character in Flywheel comes back and is the coach for this high school foot ball team.

In this movie, the coach learns how trusting God, and letting Him work, is worth everything. He had been coach of this team at this school for many many years, and they hadn't won much at all, they were the worst team they could think of. But once an older man told the coach: "God will send the rain when he's ready. You have to prepare your fields to receive it." Meaning that, he has to prepare his football team for the new season in a way that honors and glorifies God, then God will reward him. And boy, he did!

Once he had taught the team the importance of playing for the glory of God, and not for themselves, the whole team was dedicated. They ended up winning the state championship, two years (at least) in a row!


Thirdly, Fireproof! Their latest movie!

This is a really, really good one! Made me stop breathing in a few parts, it was so tense. :D

This movie is about marriage, how a husband and wife, who don't get along, want to have a divorce. But then the husband, Captain Caleb Holt, who is a firefighter, changes his mind and really does want their marriage not to break. So his dad sends him a book, a diary, a book with a challenge for each day; something to do for your spouse for that day, along with a Bible verse. But at first she rejected all of it.

Later on, Caleb realizes that his whole heart hasn't been in it. And he realizes that God is the only one who can save their marriage. He becomes a Christian wholeheartedly, and does all he can do save his marriage from breaking.

In the end, Kathrine, his wife, sees what he is doing for her. And forgives him.


Their movie that they are working on now is called, "Courageous". And I can't wait till that comes out!

For more information about this one, click here.


Hope you liked it! Now go rent them! :)



Emily said...

Hey, Buttercup! I feel so bad about not getting back to you yesterday. I thought I had for some reason... Anyhow, try this link:

I forget where I got the code, but I saved it in my google docs. =D

I didn't see the poll for whatever reason. I love Sherwood, though!


Buttercup said...

no problem. :)

Oh, I tried the link, it didn't work for some reason...?

Stephanie said...

Fireproof is definitely my favorite! (and yes I voted :))


Cindy Jasmine said...

I really liked FIREPROOF- we own the movie and the book :) it's so sweet. Joel bought the movie while he was deployed and sent it to my parents house (we weren't married yet) I promised him I'd keep it and wait to watch it until he got back :) I'm so glad I waited. Then when we were in Texas I saw it with Chelsey, Sarah, and Joel because Sarah had never seen it! She loved it too. also one of my favorite songs is on there "love is not a fight"- such a sweet song!