Thursday, April 8, 2010

God is like unto a Rock

Hey Everyone! I wrote this for Go Ye Therefore, a magazine that me and a friend are starting, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peak on the article. :) I'll post the whole thing after we send the magazine out, which will hopefully be around the end of this month. So, here's your sneak peak...

...Multiple times in the Old Testament, God is referred to as a “Rock”, such as the ones on this page. In the book of 2 Samuel it says: “Who is a rock, save our God?” and “...neither is there any rock like our God.” and in Deuteronomy: “He is the Rock.” Our God is the one and the only Rock! Who else can we stand upon other than God? No one, and no thing. He is the only rock...

Well, there's a bit of it. :) If you want to read the whole thing you will have to wait! lol. Be sure to subscribe to the magazine! Find out how in the post directly under this one!


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