Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2nd Timothy Study, Final Recap

Hi everyone! Here is the final recap, the one for the entire book of 2nd Timothy. I hope that you read and studied with me, if not, the posts will remain on my blog, so you can go back and read them whenever. I hope and pray that you got as much, or more, out of it as I did. Enjoy this final recap. :)

  1. He really wants to see Timothy again. Verse four.
  2. Timothy has a strong faith (unfeigned faith), and his grand-mother and mother also believed. Verse five.
  3. Paul writes about the spirit that God gives us (not a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind). Verse seven.
  4. He tells Timothy not to be ashamed (of the testimony of the Lord, and of him). Verse eight.
  5. He says that he is not ashamed (of his sufferings). Verse twelve.
  6. He tells what he is (Preacher, apostle, and teacher). Verse eleven.
  7. He tells Timothy to "hold fast to sound faith and love..."(to tell others about God,
  8. just as Paul has told him). Verse thirteen.
  9. He writes about the many people who deserted him (including Phygellus and Hermongenes), and the one who was faithful (Onesiphorus). Verses fifteen through eighteen.
  10. 1. Paul told Timothy to remember what he taught him, so that he can teach others. Verse 2.
  11. He tells him to be a good soldier of God, and endure hardships, so that he may please God, who chose him. Verse 3.
  12. No soldier entangles himself in things of this world, so should we also as soldiers of God. Verse 4.
  13. The example of a man in a game. If he heeds the rules then he might win a crown, if not, then he will lose. Verse 5.
  14. The example of a husbandman/farmer. He who works, shall reap first. Verse 6.
  15. Paul tells us to remember that Jesus was of the seed of David, and was raised from the dead. Verse 8.
  16. Paul says that he suffers like a criminal, and is bound, but the Word of God is not, and cannot be bound. Verse 9.
  17. Paul writes that he endures all of his sufferings for the elect's sakes, that they may also have salvation. Verse 10.
  18. He compares what we do/did/will do, to what Jesus did/is doing. "It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him: if we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us: if we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself." Verses 11-13.
  19. Do not speak words to no profit, only what should/needs to be spoken and/or heard. Verse 14.
  20. He tells us to study so that we don't need to be ashamed, and we can rightly divide the word of truth. Verse 15.
  21. Paul tells us about two men who are leading others astray with false teachings. Verses 16-18.
  22. He tells us that the foundation of God still and always will, stand sure. And that God already knows all of the people that are His. Verse 19.
  23. The example of the vessels of gold, silver, wood, and earth; in the great house. Some vessels made to honour and some to dishonour. Verses 20-21.
  24. Lastly, he tells us how a Christian leader should act, what he should do, and not do. Verses 22-26.
  25. First, we learned about how, in the last days, people will be horrible. Paul gives us a list of what people will be, and do, in those days. Verses one-five (parts one and two), through six and seven.
  26. Paul used Jannes and Jambres as example of people who "resist the truth," and have "corrupt minds." Jannes and Jambres were two of Pharaoh's magicians who were there when Moses was trying to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Verses eight and nine.
  27. He lists the things that Timothy knows about him. Verses ten and eleven.
  28. He tells about his persecutions and affliction. And lists three cities where he was persecuted. But he makes quite clear that it was not him who got himself out of it, but God. He gives God all of the credit. Verse eleven.
  29. He also says on the subject of persecution, that every Christian will be persecuted. No exceptions. Verse twelve.
  30. The bad people, will get worse and worse, and will deceive themselves and others. Verse thirteen.
  31. Paul tells Timothy to continue doing what he knows is right. Verse fourteen.
  32. He says that Timothy grew up learning about the Bible, and the things in it. And what it says teaches us about salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Verse fifteen.
  33. He makes quite clear that even though men wrote the Bible, God inspired it. Verse sixteen.
  34. He also lists what the Bible is profitable for. Verse sixteen.
  35. Lastly he says what he said before in chapter two verse twenty one, "That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." Verse seventeen.
  36. First, Paul charges Timothy to preach the Word, and he gives him some specific things to do in that area. Verses one and two.
  37. Also, he talks about an event, he gives us the who, what, and when. The event is Judgement day. Verse one.
  38. Paul also briefly mentions the time to come, as he talked about more in depth in chapter three. Verses three and four.
  39. He gives Timothy and us, a few other things to do/watch out for. Verse five.
  40. He talks a little about himself, what he has done/accomplished. Verses six, seven, and eight. Also verse sixteen.
  41. He mentions the Crown of Righteousness. Verse eight.
  42. Paul talks about some people by name, and what they did, where they are/were; and he also asks Timothy to bring him some certain things. Verses nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. (note: there are two links there, one for 9-11, and one for 12-15)
  43. He proclaims what the Lord has done for him, very important! Verses seventeen and eighteen.
  44. He greets fellow believers and friends. Verses nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-two.

I would love to hear what YOU learned in this study! Please share!!! I am looking forward to hearing from you! :D I will start the next study asap. :D God bless!


♥Libby♥ said...


Even though I wasn't in for much of the study (I 'met' you after you'd already posted a lot on this) I still enjoyed it.

Though, I DO have a question...

It was Paul who talked about how women shouldn't preach. I'd like to know what you think about that.

Buttercup said...

okay, I will be sure to think about that, I will post or email you what I find out. :)You can go back and read the other posts though. :D SOme are pretty long, but, it was a fun study! :D


anna :) said...

i just started following ur blog so i havent been following this study...but i'll be tuning in from now on! :) oh, and how do u put music on your blog? i was wanting to know how to do that...its soo cool! oh, and thx 4 stopping by sisters and following it! :)

Buttercup said...

I have a playlist. :)