Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Story of Salvation, GFA

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I get emails from Gospel For Asia. Today, I received a email with a link to a story on their site, here it is: (I'm so happy!!! It copied the pics!!! LOL)

Ministering to a Militant

October 20, 2009

Bharti Holam was a militant before he met GFA-supported missionary Kuman Mahindra. Now, just like this young student, Bharti is preparing to be a missionary.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Kuman Mahindra reached out to Bharti Holam even though everyone else was afraid of him.

Bharti had been a high-ranking member of a volatile militant group in Assam, India. Bharti's group was just one of dozens of armed rebel organizations in this region. Each one has a different agenda, but most use the same tactics of intimidation and brutal violence.

When Bharti joined the militants, he thought he'd finally found a place to belong. As a young man Bharti had been an exceptional student—until he got heavily involved in sports. As he spent more time on the soccer field and less time on his academic work, his grades slipped and he failed his last year of school. Bharti found himself very discouraged and worried about the future.

It was at this time that he met some men from the militant group. The men convinced Bharti that he could make a good life for himself in the group, so he joined them. Bharti was very focused, and pushed himself during the training. Upon graduation, he was awarded a coveted spot in the highest cadre of the group. He became fearless and followed orders to the letter, which pleased his leaders.

During training, Bharti was taught that the group only killed people for a good cause, so it was justified. He never questioned this practice until the day it hit very close to home. Bharti learned that his close friend had been killed upon orders from their boss. Bharti suddenly realized that the same thing could happen to him if he ever made one mistake that displeased his leaders.

GFA-supported missionaries take time to reach out to individuals, meeting them at their point of greatest need. That's what happened when Kuman Mahindra ministered to Bharti Holam, a former militant.

Gripped with fear, Bharti sneaked out of the insurgent camp one night. Although Bharti was not a Christian he had learned enough about Jesus to know He would answer prayer. So Bharti fervently prayed, asking God to spare his life. He promised to serve Him wholeheartedly in return.

Bharti returned to his home village, but his reputation had preceded him and everyone was afraid, except Kuman, who allowed Bharti to come and live in his house. During the first week he was there, Kuman told Bharti more about Jesus and how much He loved him. He told him about the Savior who would forgive even his greatest sins. Bharti spent three days fasting and praying. During this time, the Lord spoke to Bharti's heart and he chose to follow Christ.

Kuman discipled the former rebel and eventually helped him enroll in a Bible college. Bharti is now a second year student in the college and, just like before, he is one of the most sincere and hard-working students in the school.

Kuman shared the following prayer requests for Bharti:

  • Pray that the Lord would protect Bharti's life and keep his enemies far away from him.
  • Pray for Bharti's mother and siblings. His father died, and his mother is working hard to care for the family all by herself.
  • Pray that Bharti would be an effective minister of the Gospel when he graduates. His practical ministry internship will start next summer.
So, there you have it. To read the story on their site, click here. GFA is a really cool ministry, I encourage you to look into it. God bless!

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Btw, I will be starting the study as soon as possible. I've been a bit busy. :)


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Raine said...

hi buttercup! bharti's testimony is a beautiful one in the sense that he was a rebel and a militant, yet God chose to save Him. praise God for what He has been doing in India. truly salvation is all His work and none of ours. He alone can change hearts. thanks for posting!