Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2nd Timothy Study, recap for chapter four

Hi Y'all! Sorry I haven't done this already, y'all probably thought we were done! :D Well we're not! Here is the recap for chapter four.

  1. First, Paul charges Timothy to preach the Word, and he gives him some specific things to do in that area. Verses one and two.

  2. Also, he talks about an event, he gives us the who, what, and when. The event is Judgement day. Verse one.

  3. Paul also briefly mentions the time to come, as he talked about more in depth in chapter three. Verses three and four.

  4. He gives Timothy and us, a few other things to do/watch out for. Verse five.

  5. He talks a little about himself, what he has done/accomplished. Verses six, seven, and eight. Also verse sixteen.

  6. He mentions the Crown of Righteousness. Verse eight.

  7. Paul talks about some people by name, and what they did, where they are/were; and he also asks Timothy to bring him some certain things. Verses nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. (note: there are two links there, one for 9-11, and one for 12-15)

  8. He proclaims what the Lord has done for him, very important! Verses seventeen and eighteen.

  9. He greets fellow believers and friends. Verses nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-two.

Well, that is it. I will try to post the over all recap for the whole book tomorrow. :D

Love in Christ,

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♥Libby♥ said...

Awesome! I've enjoyed the study, and LOVE your new look :)