Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2nd TImothy study, Part 8

Hi Y'all!!! I hope y'all are having a good day so far. :) Please tell me if y'all aren't reading because they are too long I like to rant, but I would also like y'all to read it. And I hope we will all learn something from the study of this book. So, if y'all arn't reading because it's too long, please please please let me know! Today I am making it a little smaller. And don't forget to pray before we begin!

8. Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead according to my gospel:

9. Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound.

I see a few things that Paul is saying in verse eight. The first thing I see is that Jesus Christ is in the line of King David. Of course, I already knew that, but if this was the first verse in the Bible that you had ever read, then that would be new news to you, wouldn't it! Do you remember who King David was? He was the little boy with the sling shot who killed the lion and bear, then the giant Philistine Goliath; then later was make King of Israel.

The second thing is that Jesus was raised from the dead! Wouldn't that be awesome news if you had never heard it before?! Our Savior is risen! Not only was he raised, but he still lives! Have you ever read the story of Jesus' death and resurrection? If you haven't then you should! Even if you have before, it is an incredible story, and we should read it often. It is found in Matthew 27-28, Mark 15-16, Luke 23-24, and John 19-20.

The third thing I see is that Paul says "according to my gospel" or "as I preached the gospel to you." So, Paul obviously not only preached that Christ died to take away our sins, but also that he rose again! The gospel, meaning, the wonderful news of Christ's resurrection.

The first word in that verse we kinda skipped over, it is "remember." Remember that Jesus is of the seed of David, and that he rose again, just as Paul told people of that time. Why is it important to "remember" this? Because if you recall that Jesus loved you so much that he willingly died in your place, and took away your sins; then you will want to serve and love him back won't you? That's what it makes me want to do. And not only that but when I think how much I want to be as loving, caring, and compassionate as my Savior was to others; it kinda makes me see how imperfect I am, and how much I need Jesus Christ.

In verse nine Paul talks about bonds, and being bound. He starts "wherein I suffer trouble." Why did he suffer trouble? Because he preached the gospel. Remember verse eight in chapter one? It said that the gospel brings afflictions. In the next part of the verse Paul says, "as an evil doer, even unto bonds." So, in the eyes of non-Christians, he was a criminal; so much so that they chained him to a Roman soldier constantly! They thought he was leading the people to follow a false god, so he was a criminal in their eyes.

The last part of that verse is very, very important!!! Read it carefully!!! "...but the word of God is not bound." Why would that be important? Because if something is bound then it can't move, right? If something is not bound then it is free, correct? Some of you might say no to that last question. Why? Because if you are in a jail or prison cell, and you are not a really dangerous criminal, then you are usually not bound; you're free to move about your cell. But let's not get too literal!

If the word of God is not bound, then it is free! Even thought Paul is in prison, the word of God is not! Even if someone burned or locked up all the Bibles in the world, and got rid of every single Christian, then people would still know about God. They would see it in His creation! The word of God is not and cannot be bound! Isn't that a wonderful, and comforting thought?!

Well, that's all for now! I hope that this blessed you today. God bless! **Buttercup**

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