Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Super Easy Salsa

Hey Y'all!!! Yesterday, Mom wanted me to make some salsa so, I made up my own recipe. :D It is REALLY good! It filled a little more than a quart jar. It is not hot at all, so if you wanted it hot, then just add a few jalapenos. :D I don't like jalapenos because, (well, I don't like spicy/hot stuff anyways) but I despise them now because last time I made salsa I washed and dried my hands, then a few minutes later, I rubbed my face and it started burning SO BAD! IT BURNED!!!! O.k, here is the recipe. :P


3 tomatoes
1 bunch of cilantro
1 can of whole tomatoes
1 large white onion

  • Chop up the tomatoes, cilantro, and the onion.
  • Put everything in the blender, and pulse until all mixed.

That was super easy, right? For more recipes go visit Recipes from the Attic. :)


Anonymous said...

I am so mad! I just left you a super-long comment explaining that I've been trying to get back to you after your last comment, but my internet is too stupid, etc. etc. etc. But when I went to post it, the 'net shut down! I hope that maybe it got through anyhow. =( On the Rebelution I'm Emily R. Olsen. I'm going to try posting this before I say anything else just in case it doesn't go through. *sigh*
Have a great weekend!

Buttercup said...

Oh! I have seen you on before! Sorry I am just getting back....We have been pretty busy. I will PM you after school :D

Have a great week!

your friend,
Buttercup :)

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

This looks good! and easy! I have never made salsa before but I think I will tonight! By the way your doing a great job with Recipes from the Attic.