Monday, May 18, 2009

Campout this weekend, all over.

The youth camp out this weekend was so much fun! About 26 or 27 people came, 16 campers and 10 or 11 counselors. That was more people than I thought were coming. :) (We have a pretty small church/youth group.) We played ultimate football, sang hymns around the campfire, study God's word together, went hiking, and so much more! I really enjoyed it. :D We got there Friday night at about six, and got back home yesterday (Sunday) at around four-thirty. Saturday morning it rained really hard for at least an hour, so we were all confined to our tents. :( But we had a bunch of fun anyways. :) I am hope I can go next year. Here are some pictures, it was SO beautiful out there! I did not take as many pictures as I wanted because of the rain.

This is a Black headed Buzzard, if I am not mistaken. :p

This tree had HUGE leaves!!!! This not my hand, LOL, it is my dad's. :D

I love this flower! It is so cool! It only has two petals!!!

I love these flowers too. :)

For more pictures, go to our other blog, I will post more there later. :D And thanks for the prayers y'all!

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