Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Campout this weekend!

Hi all! Well, I am so excited about this weekend, because I finally get to go on my church's youth group campout!!! This is my first year to get to go, and I am so excited. :D Trust me, I will take as many pictures as I can. :) If you would just pray that everyone would be safe, we have a safe trip there, (it is about an hours drive) and no one would get hurt, and of course, that we would all have a blast and everyone would benefit from it; that would be great. :)

~ Buttercup ~


Chelsea said...

That sounds like soooooooooooooo much fun! I will definately be praying that you have a safe trip and a great time. Have a great day, Buttercup!

emily said...

Hey, awesome blog! I found it off Chelsea's blog :) I have a blog -- called Girlz 4 God, so your welcome to check it out!

Wow, that's so cool -- I hope you have fun! I'll definitely be praying for you :)

xox em

Buttercup said...

Hi Emily, your blog looks great! Thanks for commenting on my blog! :D