Thursday, May 21, 2009


While going through my folder looking for quotes for the last post, I came across two that I particularly liked.

"Dreams take time, patience, sustained effort, a willingness to fail, if they are ever to be more than just dreams."- Bryan Linkoski

This one is so true! Read it again slowly...."Dreams take time," they don't happen all at once, it takes time for dreams to mature. "Patience," you MUST be patient! It takes time. "Sustained effort," "sustained" means to "bear up, undergo, experience, suffer;" so "sustained effort" could mean something like: suffering or working very hard to get it done, putting more than just a few hours into it, making it a priority. Of course, I am DEFINITELY not trying to make it sound more important than spending time with your Creator, and then your family! God should be first in our lives! "A willingness to fail," in my opinion, not having a willingness to fail is not taking any chances, or growing at all. If you did not have a willingness to fail, and you had the choice of either taking a test to be able to go to a certain college class, or not taking the test but not being able to go to the class; you would not take the test, right? That is what I think it means by "a willingness to fail." Then, Bryan Linkoski says, "if they are ever to be more than just dreams," if you are passionate about something, and don't wait for it to bloom ("dreams take time, patience...") then it will not work out. If you love a craft or art or other job and don't work hard at learning or practicing it, then it will not work out. If you enjoy something enough to make it your life work, then y0u have to have a willingness to fail, or it will not succeed. Tell me if I am wrong.

"Victories in life come through our ability to work around and over obstacles that cross our path. We grow stronger as we climb our own mountains."- Marvin Ashton

To understand it better, I am going to define obstacles in life; "An obstacle in life is something that stands in the way of working on our dreams/passions/etc. that we have to go 'around and over' in order that we can complete the things we are trying to do." So what would be an obstacle in life? I had to ask my dad about this one, because I went completely blank. He said that an obstacle in life could be: losing your job, losing a loved one, etc. And I agree. But I also think that an obstacle in life for someone like a writer, could be something like "what next?" No writer always has perfect ideas, no writer always writes perfect books, and they sometimes get turned away from publishing companies. What do you think that is when they get turned away? An obstacle? I think so, it is a challenge, it is hard.

While we are working on our dreams, and overcoming those obstacles that so often cross our paths, we grow stronger. We are able to overcome more obstacles and more difficult ones. And we grow even more stronger the farther we go. Agree? or Disagree?

What are your thoughts on these quotes? If I am wrong, please tell me! :)


kipper said...

Were did you find that quote?

Buttercup said...

I am on the Rebelution Forum, and there's a thread on girl saying/quotes, and someone put that one down. So, I don'r really know. :P Thanks for commenting, Kipper! :)

God bless!