Friday, May 8, 2009


What is it? Do you ever even notice it is there? Is it common? Is it rare? Does it have rules? Is it by chance? Is it designed? Is it important? Do you ever ask these questions?

This is one way I let out stress, so just stay with me. :)

What is it? defines LIFE as: the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

Did you understand that or was it just me? Why can't they put it simply? I have no idea. That was the best one I found. What do you think of when you think of life? I think of living animals, plants, people, etc.

Do you ever even notice it is there? Do you SEE the life around you? When you go outside in the morning and you sit on the porch eating breakfast, what do you see? what do you hear? what do feel? I love listening to the birds, feeling the early morning breeze, etc. it is so beautiful and peaceful.

Is it common? Is it rare? I love how there are tiny, microscopic, little creatures in water. They are fantastic! They are so well designed! They are beautiful! If millions of microscopic creatures live in a tiny bit of water, how much life do you think exists on the earth? It is impossible to even try to imagine!

Does it have rules? Have you ever played the board game LIFE? It does not matter if you have or have not, you will probably be able to answer this question. Does it have rules? Of course! Any game that does not have rules does not work. Have you ever played tic-tac-toe without rules? I have, it is chaos! People are erasing, and writing over, and yelling, it is simply chaos! But why? Because there are no set rules, so all moves are legal. Life has rules, can a bumble bee sprout crocodile teeth if it wants too? Can a fish have an elephants trunk? No! God gave certain animals certain abilities, and set boundaries. He is in complete control over all.

Is it by chance? Is it designed? This question can be interpreted, Evolution or Creation, but I will not word it like that. If it was by chance, then nothing was created for a purpose, you were not created for a purpose, you are nothing, you are just a product of chance processes. If it is designed, then it was designed FOR a purpose, you were created for a purpose, you are something, you are important, you were made in the image of the creator!

Is it important? Is life important? Imagine a world without life, for a minute. No trees, no grass, no flowers, no animals, no people. Even the water would be dead, no microscopic creatures swimming about, not even algae. yuck. No life is pretty boring isn't it? Nothing happens, nothing moves, not even a breeze blows. Now imagine that all in one week, the world is filled with living creatures, everything from the tiny, microscopic water creatures to the people to the huge blue whale! Which picture did you like better? What if the creature at the bottom of the food chain went extinct, what would happen? Well, the creature that ate that creature would die out too, then what? Then the next creature would starve. And the next, and the next, and the next, until all life was gone. See, God designed everything perfectly, He designed certain animals to feed off certain animals so they would not go extinct. He made more of certain animals than others, because they were prey to more animals than others. There is a perfect balance.

It is your decision, what will you chose?????

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