Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This next semester, gettin' busy

Hi y'all. I just wanted to ask y'all to pray for me, I am going to be very busy this semester. I'm starting Volleyball tomorrow!!! YEAH!!!! That is going to be three days a week. And I am going to go to three homeschool co-ops this semester, and of course, AWANA. I just want to make sure I spend time with my Heavenly Father daily, both in prayer and in study. I am getting up at 6:00am to do my Bible reading and school work, but with one of the co-ops in the morning, that is going to be more difficult. Also, volleyball practice and the other two co-ops interfere with the time I usually spend on the 2nd Timothy study in the afternoons, so I might not be able to do that every day. Please just pray for me, I know for a fact that I will learn later that I am over exagerating this, but I am starting to feel overwhelmed. Please, please pray for me. God bless you all! I hope you all have a great week! In Him, Buttercup :)

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