Monday, August 10, 2009

Feedjit Map

Hey y'all! I just wanted to tell y'all about this cool blog/site traffic feed map thing. I found one on one of my friends blogs, ClubChea. And put a map on my blog (scroll down the side to see it). It shows where my recent visitors have been from, obviously one would be me. :P Go check it out!


Chelsea said...

It is an awesome tool, isn't it? It's also very helpful to know who's been visiting your blog lately. Btw, thanks for putting that link to my blog on your post! I have really been hoping that I'd get some new followers or at least people who visit my blog soon so this is very helpful! Thanks again!

Buttercup said...

yeah! No problem! Today I've had four visitors! One from the Czech Repubic! I can't believe it!

Buttercup :)