Friday, August 7, 2009

Creation Face the Facts

Hi Y'all! Well, all week I have forgotten to post Face the Facts, Creation facts. Remember when I posted the Abortion Face the Facts in March? Well, this is the same thing but Creation facts. As last time, I will be posting them once a week. Enjoy! God bless!

1: “Genesis is the foundation of the rest of the Bible, therefore if a person were to believe in creation as described in Genesis they would be more apt to believe the rest of the Bible.” -Ken Ham

2: “Facts exist in the present, and our interpretations are an attempt to connect the past to the present. The evolutionists must assume everything about the past, while biblical creationists have the Bible as a “time machine” that can provide valuable insights into the past” -Roger Patterson

3: “Faith is believing in something that cannot be seen or fully explained. Faith in God is logical and defensible. Evidence all over the world points to an all-powerful God. Faith in God is not a blind faith that goes against real science. Believing that information can arise from disorder by chance is blind faith since it contradicts real science.” -Ken Ham

4: “Design is not something that happens by chance. Design shows intelligence, and intelligence requires a source. That source as explained in the Bible is God.” -Ken Ham

5: “Many people have difficulty in accepting a Creator God because if this Creator God did create all things, then all things, including man, would have to obey the rules He places on them. Believing that
man arose by chance alleviates this responsibility and man can rule his own life.” -Ken Ham

6: “It is not true to say that there is different evidence for creation and evolution. Everyone has the same evidence – it is just interpreted in different ways. -Roger Patterson

7: “If you start with biblical assumptions about a supernatural creation, about a global flood at the time of Noah and you look at those same facts you will actually see things that the evolutionist
miss and that will guides you in your interpretation and you will see that the fossils and rock actually confirm what the bible says about earth history.” -Dr. Terry Mortenson

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