Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Problems with my blog???

Hi y'all. I was just about to start part 16 on the 2nd Timothy study, when I checked my traffic map. I thought, "wow, lots of people are getting on my blog, but why, why are they not commenting or voting on the poll, or anything to show that they are visiting? Why???"

I know that I may sound self-centered there, but it is hard to keep on posting when almost no people are reading. I know I have some faithful followers, and I thank y'all very much, you give me the push and encouragement I need to keep on posting.

But, why are most people not staying? Why are they leaving so soon? And maybe not coming back? What is wrong with my blog? It just clicked. It just clicked!

I am a Creationist. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that He saved me from eternity in Hell. I believe that He created me. I openly and boldly admit my faith and beliefs on here. That is why! Most people do not believe in what I believe, most people believe in Evolution or some other random lie. Yes folks, it a lie. Creation by God is the only correct answer for the world.

I know I might lose some followers and readers from this, but I don't care (well kind of), God gave me the opportunity to start a blog, and, praise God, I am not going to deny Him on it. I am not going to use His blessings for useless and maybe harmful things. No. I refuse. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ who is my Savior, I believe that God made the earth in six days, I believe. If you don't believe this, I'm sorry, hopefully, you will recognize Christ as your Savior before you die, so that I will meet you in Paradise.

I praise God for allowing me to have this opportunity to tell others about Him. Thank you for reading my blog. I pray for each and every one of you, that you are in the faith, and that you will profit from my writing. God bless!

In His arms,

Btw, I do love comments! lol. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

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