Friday, July 15, 2011

VBS - Voyage (day) Four

Hey Y'all!

Oh man, I'm just now getting my act together at...almost noon. haha.

Ok, well, last night went amazingly! It was SOOOO hot outside, and we had gnats like you would not believe, but God is good and we didn't have anyone get hurt or get too hot!!

Our poor skit team forgot their lines - like, all of them - but they pulled it back together and the show went on! If I wasn't around them a ton and didn't know how they usually acted, I probably wouldn't have really noticed - these guys on the skit team are doing a great job!

Oh gosh, we had a scare last night! While outside with the youngest group (5-kind) I counted the kids a few times to see if we had all of them. We were supposed to have thirteen, and I counted to twelve probably a dozen times. Finally, I ran inside and asked their leader exactly how many of them they were - 13. I asked if any had come into the bathroom - no. Oh man. Not good! I ran back outside and had the other leaders count too. Soon, their leader lined them all up to go to snack time, and I didn't hear any more of it. Apparently they either had 13 and I had missed one every time I counted, or one of the kids had taken their name tag home the previous night; but all turned out good. Still scary though!!!

Well, that's all I've got for last night. Tonight is our last night of VBS...and I've got mixed feelings. I LOVE VBS, but I'm exhausted! haha. Oh well.

Please be praying for us (workers, kids, parents, and guests from another church) today as we wrap up our 2011 Vacation Bible School. Thanks so much for your prayers! They are appreciated!

In Christ alone,

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