Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation Bible School!

Hey guys!

I am SO excited! This week is my church's Vacation Bible School! I LOVE VBS!!!

I originally wanted to post every day about VBS like I did last year, but I have failed so, I guess I'll just catch up in one post. :)

For VBS this year, we are doing a sailor theme. It's called Summer Seaquest, and it's from VBS Reachout Adventures. This being at least our fifth year of using this company, most of the workers know the basic setup, and this makes it SO much easier!

This year, I am the "Lighthouse Drill Commander", in other words, Memory Verse coordinator. At the end of every night, I quiz the kids in their age groups on that night's memory verse(s). Also, since that only takes up 5-10 minutes at the end, I am helping out of doors doing the games. And guys, it's hot! But praise God, both nights so far there has been a breeze, and it hasn't been quite as hot as we anticipated, and most important of all, we haven't had any heat injuries! Workers or kids! Water, water, water, and God's grace!

Oh! Also, we've got these awesome hats this year! They're little, white sailor caps, and I love them. :P All the workers (minus those adults that don't like them...) have hats, and all the kiddos will get hats on Friday right before we do our Super Summer Seaquest Sundae!

Ok, well, let's get on with this...


On Saturday morning, some people from our church got together and put door hangers promoting our VBS on the doors of the houses and duplexes surrounding our church. Our church building it situated right in the middle of a large housing area, so from the church we can literally walk across the street and put up a door hanger. So, I'm not sure exactly how many door hangers we put up, but I'm nearly certain that it was around a thousand.

We were blessed on Saturday morning with high spirits and great weather, so even though we had less people than usual, we got out probably the same number of door hangers! It was awesome!


On Sunday we had our All Workers Meeting, that's when we went over all the main and last minute stuff that every VBS worker needed to know. It went on great.


VBS started Monday night! Because our church is so small, to have enough workers to put it on, we have to wait until most of them get off of work, so our VBS is from 6:30-9:00. That means, that all of us workers have to be there from 6:00-9:30, so it's a long night! But SO worth it!

Monday night is usually the day with the most issues that must be resolved. But surprisingly, this Monday night went on very smoothly! We were all very, very thankful! Also on Monday night, because it is the first night, we have to register all the kids that do not normally come to our church. The kids that normally come to our church registered on Sunday after the service. But all in all, Monday night was awesome!


The second night of VBS went even more smoothly, praise God! We had two more kids than the night before, so that was a blessing! Lord willing, they will, and maybe more, all come tonight!


All of the workers did their jobs with flying colors! The group leaders and assistant group leaders (Captains and 1st Mates) did great with their kids. Although the leaders of the 5-kindergarten group are utterly exhausted by the end of night (four of them for 15 little kids that all have WAY too much energy!). The sound booth people did great with the sound (obviously lol) and the slides. The music group, especially since we have live music this year, did fantastic! I love the live music idea over just the VBS CD! The people in the kitchen making dinner for the workers and snack (later in the evening) for the kids are also doing an amazing job. The game workers are doing awesome. Our director is also doing great! I think that's everyone...but if not, EVERYONE has been doing an awesome job so far! All the workers are so committed to this!

Well, I have to leave in a hour for VBS tonight. Please be praying for all the workers, the kiddos that will be coming tonight, and the parents that are dropping their kids off. Thanks, y'all!

In Christ alone,


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Shelley said...

Wow, sounds like it's been going great! :) I love my vbs too, just had it last week. Yours sounds really fun!