Saturday, July 16, 2011

VBS - Voyage (day) Five

Well, that's it. VBS is over until next year. So sadful...

But, I know I had a fantastic time, and I'm sure that everyone else did too. My prayer is that the Christian kids, parents, and workers walked away from this week being closer to God, having learned more about Him; and that those that are not believers may question salvation and come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Please be praying with me for these people.

Last night went absolutely fantastically! So many strange and funny things happened last night I'm not even sure I can remember them all.

While out with the 5-6 graders, we played touch ball, or something like that, basically ultimate football just with a round ball about the size of a volleyball or basketball. That was fun, but the really fun part was when we just gave the kids water balloons and let them have at it! A few minutes into it, after most everyone was wet, some of the kids thought it would be fun to gang up on me and soak me all at once. I wasn't planning on getting wet...but it sure felt good!!! I was so wet that I wasn't even completely dry three hours later when I got home. But it felt awesome! It wasn't as hot yesterday as it was Thursday, but pretty close.

When the 5-kind class came out, we let them run like mad for a little while then organized a game of switch bases. I still can't figure out what the difference is between switch bases and sharks and minnows. I think they're the same thing. That class and the 1-2 grade class are the hardest to control. They're all crazy maniacs after they've been sitting still for a while, but then you add water balloons to that...phew. YIKES.

Unfortunately, we had one accident. My friend...let's just call him hit in the face with the football. Really hard too. Knocked his glasses off his face and left a huge red mark on his cheek. On the way home his one of the nose pieces of his glasses fell off. He's going to have to get completely new glasses today, I think. But, he was alright after a minute. Getting hit in the face with a football can't be fun.

Mom let Poppy and I ride home with Bob (that sounds really strange lol) because she had to take the little ones home to go to bed and we wanted to stay to help clean up. So, we cleaned up the church, probably close to record time too! And then we drove home. Thankfully, Bob felt like chatting the whole way so we had a ton of fun on the way back too just talking about random things.

But, now it's over.

We have our VBS review meeting after the church service tomorrow, but besides that we've gotta wait until next year. If I have the option, I think that next year I'd like to do the same thing I did this year - memory verse coordinator and game worker. For I really loved doing both of those jobs this year!

Thank you guys for your prayers! They were so very appreciated!

Please pray for Chelsea as she is going to be helping in her church's VBS soon!!!

And lastly, "Keep your eyes on the lighthouse, it will always guide you in!"

In Christ alone,

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