Thursday, September 30, 2010

*Smile!* Maggie's Photo Contest: my entries!

Hey Y'all! My friend, Maggie, over at Bliss, is having a photo contest! We are supposed to enter pictures of smile faces that we find. After you look at mine, hop over to her blog to read her post, and then grab your camera and get out there! Here are mine...

my littlest sister's coloring on the wall... lol.
an attempted clay bead...
Othello! (note: we didn't really do that...for if we did I'd be very impressed. lol)
stuffed bear...
I don't know what they're really called, but we call them "googally balls" lol. And Poppy put a smile and eyelashes on hers...
Yep. It stares at me all the time and I never saw it till now...*shaking head in disbelief*
Phone holder...this one has a nose too! But, it kinda looks more mad...or its peeking over the top???
Come on! I saw it! Can't you see it???
Because I'm nice to y'all...
My personal favorite! Isn't it cute? lol.

Okay, Maggie, there you go. :) If we can only enter one then...probably the last one. lol. Anyways, talk to y'all later! I've got to go finish my Biology lab homework...

Oh! And I found one other smilie but I couldn't take a picture of it! I opened the door of my camera to take out the memory card, and what is looking at me? The two (basically dead :P) AA batteries and the side of the memory card! lol.

In Christ alone,


Christine said...

Wasn't this the coolest idea for a photo challenge? Loved your faces...especially the last one!

iHeart said...

Hey Buttercup!
Loved the pictures, that's a really awesome idea for a photo challenge. (:
Thanks so much for your comment on my post! I'll definitely be praying for you as you talk to that lady about the Lord. It's really hard to take that first step, but it's so rewarding to see a life come to Christ or just to know that you planted a seed in their heart.

By the way, I really enjoyed your poem from the previous post. Great job!

Your Sister,

2 Timothy 2:22