Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Interview: David Sitton - Part two

Here is the last half!


Could you tell us about your favorite trip and why it was your favorite?

After 33 years doing mission, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But the times when I am able to make the first contact with people groups that have no gospel knowledge and I can gather the data and begin planting the gospel from ground zero where Christ is not known – Those are the most thrilling times for me. For example, during the last two years I have been able to travel by dugout canoe to the Black Water swamp region of New Guinea. We’ve now identified 9 villages, more than 5,000 people, where the gospel has never been established. And to now begin recruiting and training new missionaries to target these places. That’s one of the things I like most about pioneer mission.

If you could tell a teenager one thing about getting involved in missions, what would it be?

Go on as many cross-cultural, short-term mission trips as you can. But here’s my caution: Thousands of young believers in America become long-term short-term missionaries, meaning - They are content to go on a short-term trip every summer but most of the rest of the time they don’t live with any sense of heavy awareness and concern for unreached peoples. So, go on short-terms – But then try to go long-term. Ask the Lord if he will open the way for you to invest all of your life in the gospel among unreached peoples and then run through the first crack in the open door! Jesus already told us to GO! So try to go and see where the Lord takes you.

How about an adult?

It’s much the same. A lot of adults have told me over the years that they wish they had gone to the field when they were young. And I say – “What are you going to do about that? What is stopping you from going now?” Don’t tell me you wish you had gone when you were young, if you aren’t willing to get radical in your going now as an older adult. Don’t play games with God. Young person or adult – Organize your life around Jesus Christ and the gospel and getting that message to the nations. All of our effort and resources should be invested in the thing that God wants – And that is, to make his name great (famous) among all people groups (Mal 1:11). Here’s one way I like to put it: Either go to the nations as a martyr missionary or become a financial martyr that sends those missionaries to the front line. Whether you go or send, Christ expects all of us to give our lives for Christ. Anything less is a wasted life.

What are the best things a teen can do to prepare for possible future work on the mission field?

Go on short-term mission trips, read lots of missionary biographies (William Carey, David Brainerd, C.T. Studd, David Livingstone, Adoniram Judson, The Moravians, Jim Elliot and the Ecuador Five) – And then come to our missionary training school, the Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP) to get prepared for the frontline!

Lastly, Mr. Sitton, why do you do what you do? Why do you put yourself in danger, and in difficult situations to tell people about Christ? Why don’t you just leave it to others?

I do it because I am compelled by Christ to do it. I go for the glory of God – And for the rescue of God’s lost sheep that are scattered among all the language and people groups. I can’t NOT do it. And why would I leave it to others when Jesus lets me do it? Others can do it too if they just will! But I don’t want to miss out this privilege! As for the danger, suffering and persecution that will come to us in frontline mission: Jesus is Worth It. I don’t know how else to say it. The gospel is worth every hardship that will come. Soldiers are willing to die for our country… why aren’t Christians willing to die for Christ and the gospel? Jim Elliot’s widow – Elisabeth Elliot said it best after her husband was slaughtered by the Auca Indians in Ecuador: “Not even a martyr’s death can be classified as extreme obedience when you’re following a Savior who died on a cross!”



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