Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation Bible School - Day Two

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for your prayers! Last night went pretty good. Besides a few minor things, that always have to pop up. lol. :) I wasn't so scared to go on stage, thank God! Of course, I was still pretty scared, but God helped me. I had "Philippians 4:13" (I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me) written on my hand, and thought of it often during the night. Guess what? We got more kids last night! Up from 59 on Stardate One, we had 62 on Stardate Two! I've never seen more kids at VBS! It was incredible!

Also, we are having some adult visitors from a Baptist church come to our VBS tonight to see how it's run, and how it works. Apparently, they are looking for a VBS curriculum to do at their church, and this one is one of their possibilities. So tonight will only be slightly different.

Well, since I posted a lot about VBS yesterday, I don't really have much to post today. But I would ask you to please keep our VBS in your prayers this whole week. Here are some prayer requests to add to the ones I posted yesterday...
  • For the game workers, that they wouldn't get dehydrated and that they wouldn't get "eaten alive" if you get my meaning. There are *tons* of mosquitoes out at that time at night; and also behind the church we've got ants. I think they're fire ants...poor Jeremy got bit pretty bad last night.
  • For the Capsule Commanders and Flight Attendants, that we would be able to get everything done during logbook time. The last two nights we haven't had enough time for everything that we needed to get done.
  • For our visitors tonight, that they would see Christ through the workers and that we would set a good example.
Again please be praying for...
  • The workers. That the kids would see Christ's light though our words and actions.
  • The kids. That they would understand what we are trying to teach them, and that they would come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • The parents. That when they pick up their kids that they would see Christ's light through us in the was we speak and act, and that they also would come to know Christ.
  • VBS as a whole. That it runs smoothly, and that we would be able to lead some kids (and maybe some adults too) to Christ.
"What do I want to hear? Eyes up, heads down, fly straight!"*

In Christ alone,

*From our Vacation Bible School curriculum: Space Probe - from VBS Reachout Adventures.


Chelsea said...

Hey Buttercup!
I will definitely be praying for your VBS. But, it sounds like it has been going well already, which is good. Btw, does your VBS do any offerings for missionaries or kids in Africa or something like that? Just wondering. Have a great rest of the week and I hope that everything continues to run smoothly.
Love in Christ,

Buttercup said...

Hi Chelsea!
Thanks so much! Your prayers are very much appreciated! Actually, we don't. But that's a good question! I questioned it too when we first started doing VBS this year at this church because I hadn't noticed the years before, and the church I grew up in had an offering time during VBS every day.
In Christ alone,