Saturday, July 24, 2010

Giveaway winners!

Hey Y'all!

You excited? I sure am! :D

The girls who entered are: Taylor, Prism, Stephanie, Carrie, and Sarah!

Now, for the header and button sets only one person wanted them...

Sarah Frees! Please leave your email address in a comment and I'll customize them and email them to you as soon as I can!

Next, for bracelet one...


Bracelet two...


Finally, Start Here...



please leave your mailing address in a comment, or your email address, and then I'll email you and get your mailing address that way. I have turned the comment moderation on until I get y'all's info, so I'm the only one who gets it, then I'll turn it off again. :)


Thank you girls for entering! I had fun, and I hope you did too. :)

God bless!


Stephanie said...

Of course I had fun!!! *HUGE GRIN* Thank you for hosting this giveaway.


Hybrid said...

Hey. You have a great blog. Thanks for the share.

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Stephanie said...

Could I use the pictures of the two bracelets that I won, on a blog post (saying that I won)? I will make sure to say that they are your photos.


Buttercup said...

sure! that's fine, Stephanie. :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Buttercup! :)


P.S. Check out my blog to see my photography posts that I put up. I've settled on Stephie's Photography for the name. :)

Sarah Frees said...

can you tell me what to expect when I check my e-mail.. so that I don't erase it!!1

Buttercup said...

Sarah: um....I sent it a long time ago. lol. what would you want to know?

Carrie said...

Hi Buttercup!

I got the package yesterday. Thank you sooooo much!!! :)