Tuesday, November 10, 2009


EDIT: I fixed it! :D They are big now. :)

This is REALLY COOL! If you want mine, leave a comment and I'll give you the HTML code, but it is really fun just to do your own. :D

The first one is just about my blog. Try to find your name in it! I know Emii, Raine, Libby, and IHeart are in some of them, just look! :D Try to figure out what the other ones are about!


Buttercup said...
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Buttercup said...

btw, I did it on Wordle.net :D

Emii said...

Awesome! I'm gonna give it a go! And i LOVE the new look, btw, Prism! Very cooly awesome!! :D:D

Keep up the awesome blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Buttercup said...

i'm buttercup, emii. :P LOL. you called me Prism. :D

Hillary Hipps said...

I love it! :)