Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Are you...

a Christian? YES!!!

a good listener? yeah, I think so. :)

a good friend? I hope so, am I y'all? I would like to know. :)

artistic? when I want to be. :P

funny? when I want to be. again. LOL.

good conversation starter? NO! You start the conversation, I'll keep it going!

crazy? do you really want to know, okay, well, my family thinks so. =D

random? if you read my blog, you KNOW that!

communicative? not a chance!

loving? yes

clumsy? not very often

happy? yep, most of the time. :)

athletic? Oh yeah!

excellent in school? in most subjects, yes.

an animal lover? sort of

sister? yes!

brother? LOL. If I'm a sister then I obviously can't be a brother. :P

daughter? Yep

son? see question "brother?" LOL

caring? Yes

technology challenged? yes! It's so annoying!

techno-freak? no

respectful? I admit, most of the time. but isn't everyone? I hope it's not just me.

a movie lover? depending...

book worm? yep

attentive? yes!

responsible? Yes

honest? Yes

fantastic? no one's told me so, so I'm not going to say so either.

Okay! I tag:





Girl of Faith


And, anyone else who wants to do it!

GO! :D Comment if you do it so I can see. :)

Buttercup =)

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anna :) said...

ive never been tagged before! this shuld be fun!!