Sunday, November 29, 2009

Caption Contest!

Hey Y'all! Eldarwen Failariel held a caption contest not too long ago, with Lord of the Rings pictures, it was so much fun that I asked her if she would mind me doing one too, so, here it is! You can write a caption on any that you like, you can even write multiple captions for each one! The more the merrier! LOL. Here are the rules:

  1. NO bad language! You will IMMEDIATELY be disqualified!

Well, that's the only rule! Comment to your hearts content! And please, when you do write a caption, please put the number of the picture by it so that I know which one you're talking about. :) The contest ends on the 12th of December. Have fun!








Sorry they are so digital, I got them off of Photobucket. So, yeah, not good quality. Oh, and one more thing, you can enter even if you don't have a blog. :)

Buttercup :)


Eldarwen said...

4. "Fear my plastic sword!"

7. "Oh no you didn't!"

Sorry, I couldn't think of any right now. I'll come back later and come up with some for the others (if I can). :)

Love & hugs,

Taylor said...


Fezzik: *squish*

Inigo Montoya: "It's okay Fezzik. We know you didn't mean it."

Wesley: "Just follow the light little guy!"


That's all that came to mind! :)

Taylor said...

Oh, and I will be announcing the winners for the giveaway I'm hosting on my blog tomorrow. Before I do, I wanted to double-check with you on something first: Did you mean to enter my giveaway by the comment you left on that particular post?

Please be sure to let me know! Thanks!


Emily said...

#3 "So, little dreamer, do you regret the pizza?"

Emily said...

#4. "Oh, you really don't want to do that. My swordsmanship is as bad as my hair."

Emily said...

Okay... so those are really bad, but it's all I'm coming up with. My attention is divided between this and watching Fireproof... and a facebook conversation. LOL Gotta love multi-tasking!

Buttercup said...

lol. yep, I ditto your last sentence! :P

Poppy said...

1. Yes, yes, yes, your sword is very nice...... just not so close up *whimpers*

2. Why is there fear behind your eyes? Is it because of my laser vision?

3. *Indigo picks vecini's jaw off the ground*

4. Hmmmmm I never knew my sword was so long!

5. Miracle Max: I don't think they like my hat.*sighs*

6. Stand back! The teddy bears are here! *trembles*

7. What are you looking at?

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

1. I promise you.. Count to 1 million and i will be out of these insufrable bindings.

2. Mabye if i stare at the sea long enough Wesley will rise out of the water.

3. Vizzini "i can believe we dropped her"

4.I want your pies!

5." Should we put nutmeg in this recipe?"

6."Stand back" " that is one big booger"

7. "Should i eat you know or wait till dinner time?"

Sincerely in Christ

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

Correction Now instead of know on the 7th entry

Zorro said...

Ok, the old man will give it a go.:)

1. Ok, so I missed a spot on my chin when I was shaving. Don't you think this is a little drastic?

2. These blue contacts make everyone look like Smurfs.

3. Inconceivable! We really dug deep enough to reach China.

4. HALLO! (what else can you say)

5. Don't look now dear but you have a third eye growing out of your forehead.

6. NO! I will not have another piece of cake. My wife says I'm getting a gut.

7. For the LAST TIME...I'm not Zorro.