Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A lesson from Toy Story 1? Oh yeah.

Near the end of the movie, when the toys are in the moving truck and Buzz and Woody are on RC trying to get into the truck, Bo Peep says: "Look! It's Buzz! Woody was telling the truth!" And among other comments by other toys, Rex says, "Oh great. Now I have guilt!" When he found that he had done wrong in accusing his friend of lying, he regretted it - he felt guilty.

This is what happens in our lives. At the moment, we may make false accusations on the basis of presuppositions, but later we may find out that we're wrong.

When you find that you have sinned against God; when you realize that you have done wrong, you feel guilty; you feel guilty because you know that you're wrong and God's right.

This line, even though it was in a slightly cheesy kids movie, is incredibly true when you think about it. "Oh great. Now I have guilt." It reveals that this guilt was very uncomfortable. It implies that guilt wasn't a thing to be treasured, caressed, and kept forever, but one of those things that "the sooner it's gone the better"!

The Holy Spirit (aka: your conscience) tells you "hey, that was wrong" - guilt. You KNOW you did wrong. This is called guilt. You feel guilty because what you did was wrong and you know it.

Guilt can lead to salvation. Once you realize that YOU have sinned against GOD - that YOU were wrong (guilt) - then you may choose to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. Or, you may choose to push that guilt behind you...not a happily ever after ending there.

So, we just got ALL THAT from a little line in a kids movie...wow. I encourage you, my dear reader, look around you. What lessons can you learn from the world around you when you compare physical things to spiritual things? There's so many out there! Just keep an eye out for them! Just be careful when you compare; you can get some pretty wacky doctrine by comparing the wrong things! The safest thing you can do is look at God's word first, then DO NOT go looking for comparable things, but rather, let them come to you. They will. Promise. :)

In Christ my Rock,

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