Friday, September 9, 2011

41 Things I Don't Really Like...

1. Having to make decisions, 2. friends moving away, 3. when people don't write back, 4. not understanding, 5. working really hard at something and then figuring out you didn't need to do any of it, 6. getting hurt, 7. getting up late, 8. bad dreams, 9. not getting enough sleep, 10. writers block, 11. failing, 12. algebra, 13. grammar, 14. blood (you know...not in and of itself, but being around it as in an injury. Dude, we couldn't live without it), 15. olives, 16. creeping things, 17. coffee (deal with it, I greatly dislike it), 18. snakes, 19. silver fish, 20. growing out of cute clothes, 21. awesome shoes that don't fit right, 22. neon green, 23. the end of a fabulous visit, 24. sweating, 25. being sick, 26. rubbing hot pepper juice in my eyes on accident, 27. cayenne pepper, 28. football, 29. being late, 30. missing something, 31. being on the OUTSIDE of an inside joke, 32. worrying, 33. oily hair, 34. sad books, 35. no happily ever after, 36. depressing romances, 37. really long dry books, 38. getting makeup in my eyes, 40. smearing my makeup all over my face, 41. when people startle me.

Wow. 41 things I don't like and 202 things I love...Guess I've got it pretty good. :)
In Christ,

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Chelsea said...

Whoo! i'm with you all the way, girl...i don't like any those things either except for coffee and olives.

Hope you have a totally wonderful amazing weekend!

Love, your sister in Christ,
~Chelsea <3