Friday, September 23, 2011

The Legal Mass Murder

It’s a mass murder that goes on both continually and legally. It has claimed 15,167,502 (fifteen million, one hundred and sixty seven, five hundred and two) lives since the year 2000. It tears families, friends, and a country apart. This ominous monster is known as Abortion.

          Abortion is the killing of unborn infants in the name of freedom. But what freedom is this? This so called freedom is the freedom to kill defenseless children, to end their lives that have hardly even begun, just so that the woman doesn’t have the “burden” of raising a child. But what freedom does this child have? If you are honest, then the only answer is that they have none at all. This unborn child has no say in whether or not their life will end right then and there. They are completely defenseless in the arms of the ugly fiend known as “choice”.

          Many people are unaware of how this monster works. And many people, like me, know as much as they can handle knowing. The act of abortion is utterly sick. It is brutal. The unborn child is not thought of as human excepting where the furtherance of science is involved. They are inhumanely murdered – taken from their only life support (their mother’s womb) and then they are killed in one of the many indescribable ways that man has thought up. When dead, they are used to further science, not buried or cremated like a normal human being. Their still forming, beautifully designed, little body is treated like garbage. Tell me there are not people that evil in this world who take pleasure in doing this! But there are.

          Here are a few reasons why you should not support abortion.

          1. By supporting abortion you are supporting murder – which is sin. Period. From the time of conception that baby is a human being – nothing less.
          2. The woman who goes through with an abortion usually regrets it. There have been many testimonies of women who had abortions having nightmares and hearing the cries of their baby whom they wanted dead, and other horrible things that only succeed in causing great grief, regret, and depression.
          3. You end a life. The numbers are unreal, the process horrific, the regrets exceeding painful. But the worst part is the fact that that child, that unborn person, doesn’t have a chance to live.
          I think that the most intelligent people on earth cannot truly believe that the unborn baby is not human. If life does not begin at conception then when does it begin? I think that doctors know deep down, even if they don’t admit it, that the unborn baby is indeed human. How can they not when they hear that little heart beat, feel the feet kick, see the baby suck his thumb? And then still, they can take that baby out of his or her mother’s womb and lay it on the table to suffocate, or worse – why?

          There is nothing good about abortion. Choice? Why should we have a choice? The choice to commit sin and not to commit sin is prevalent all day every day. Abortion is murder. Murder is sin. Abortion is encouraged; therefore murder (and sin) is encouraged by the giving of a choice.

          It very well may be that the way to end abortion is to steal away the hearts of those who carry them out – by communicating to the doctors the truth about the awful task they are carrying out and the implications of it. And then telling them of the love and forgiveness that Christ alone supplies.

          What will you do? Will you assent to the murder of innocent unborn babies? Will you allow it to carry on when you can do something about it? Will you promote this mass murder by your admission of being “Pro-Choice”?

*originally written as a speech for a homeschool co-op class assignment*

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