Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hidden Beauty - by me

Hidden Beauty

She was dressed in rags
She was covered in dirt
No one cared
Everyone ignored

She was starving
She was thirsty
No one cared
Everyone ignored

She was crying
She was sick
No one cared
Everyone ignored

Every day the same
Nothing changed

Then one day
When she could hardly move
Someone saw her

They took her home
Bathed and clothed her
Fed her and gave her water
Wiped away her tears
And nursed her to health

This day was different
Her life forever was changed
Because someone had the ability to see
The beauty that is in every human being

And through Christ
She lived forever with Him.




COPYRIGHT - Pretty please don't take it!!!


•The Cornet Crazie• said...

would you allow me to do a post on anecdote with your poems? (all under your name with '© Buttercup' under the title?

please get back to me!

Anonymous said...

Oh,how lovely!! you are so talented! :D I'm so jealous! lol, JK ,but I'm very close to begin jealous ; )
God's country girl