Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today is the day!!!

Hey! Today is the "Start Here" book bomb at Amazon.com! Be sure to order your copy (or copies...) TODAY!!!!

Sorry I didn't give y'all more warning...lol. I personally, can't wait to read it!

In Christ,

P.s. After I read it, I'm going to do a book review on it. If you are doing the same, let me know and I'll link to you on my post!


Emily said...

I'm ordering two copies in an hour or so if I don't hear back from a friend by then. She said she might want a copy, and I'd be glad to order three... but two might just have to do it. =(

Buttercup said...

two is good! :) I am ordering five, one for me, three for friends, and another one.