Friday, February 26, 2010

Randomness Friday!!! February 26th 2010!

NOTE: Okay, okay. Yes I know. The hint for 6 down on the first crossword puzzle doesn't make sense...Sorry. I couldn't think of anything else! LOL. The answer is California, you were supposed to be able to get "Redwoods" out of it. :)

Hey Everyone!!! Whats up??? You know I love hearing from you! Even if I live with you...hint hint...

lol. okay, okay. Lets start this randomness!!! *applause*

oh, but first, thank you, Prism, for creating this! *claps*


There is an awesome giveaway going on over at Eldarwen's blog! I posted about it a few days ago, so scroll down to that post to learn more!


A blogger is trying to leave the blogging world! *gasps* Go over to her blog and leave her a comment telling her not to delete her awesome blog! tehehe.


WAIT!!! okay, I know I usually don't do all these emotions (things with * on both sides) but when it comes to Randomness, it just makes it more fun!


My birthday is on Sunday! :) *Smiles* But I'm not going to tell you how old I am...hehe....if you read my entire blog then you have a good chance on figuring it out...but only then...muahahaha! good luck with that!

hey, let me know if you do it! I will make you some cute button with something like, "I read Buttercup's entire blog just to figure out how old she is!" lol.


Our Mission Minded Teens website has a forum!!!! I'm so excited!!!

I've written a few posts (like my Bible Study posts on here) but no one is looking at them. *tear falling* not really. :P but still, I would love for you to come and join the forum! Just go to: and click "Forum."

And, to answer the question that is bound to come, as to why we have those weird google ads on our sidebar, I don't want them there! They are there because the website was free (hence the ".webs" part), and we have to pay like, ten bucks a month to get 'em off! urg. And, well, we can't do that yet. lol.


I am making crossword puzzles! They are so much fun! I'll post some pics and a tutorial later. :) Here is one. The subject is US states. :) Sorry if you don't live in the US, I made a countries one though too. That's the second one. :) I hope these are big enough...

What do you think? Let me know if you try it and/or need the answers! :)


Okay, well, this is drawing to a close...and dinner is

bye bye for now!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Buttercup!!!

Goodness! I thought I had let you know when I got the pictures. I feel so terrible that it slipped my mind. I always hate it when I mail something and never hear that it was received. =(

I will try to do that post soon. I started working on it, but my computer time is so scattered... five minutes here and there. *sigh*

Sorry I haven't been commenting more. I keep resolving to do it more frequently... And it keeps not happening.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! BTW Do you know of any good free blog template websites??

Emily said...

@God's Country Girl --- I really like some of the templates on A few of them have some kinks, though most are very well made. Hope this helps!

Buttercup said...

hmmm...well, my friend Chelsea ( a neat one on her blog, she got it from:

they have free ones and ones that you buy (I wouldn't do that...).

thanks Emily for helpin' her out too! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks you two!! Btemplates is where I got the one I have now (I believe)!The design I have is a Simply Fabulous Design,but I didn't get it from her website! Our computer won't let me download her templates : ( Thanks again!