Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

I just want to begin by saying, Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is the day that we not only play with and/or watch fireworks, eat watermelon, and have fun; it is a day to remember the our forefathers, and when the United States broke away from the rule of Great Britain/England. On July 4th 1776, we, the United States of America, declared our independence! We were one nation under God! Independent from England. Free to worship our God!

Why did we want to be independent? So we could freely worship God. Who came to America? Only English? No. America is made up of English, Polish, Germans, Italians, Africans, Indians, Norwegian, Russian, etc, etc, etc. But, even though American is made up of people from all ends of the earth, we became one people....

What are we free to do that some people are not? Well, there are a ton of answers to that question. We are free to decide for ourselves, chose our own education, raise our own families the way we feel right, decide our own futures, free to express our own opinions, to live where we want, and most importantly, free to worship God, read and study the Bible, and tell others about Him. In most countries, you can't build/go to a church, you can't own a Bible, you can't witness freely to others, without going to jail or getting killed. In America, we are free to go to church, there are churches everywhere here! In America, we are not only free to own a Bible, we can own as many as we want! In America, we are free to witness to others, without getting killed or thrown in jail, but do we use that freedom? Do we fellowship with other believers on other days than just Sunday? Do we read and study our Bibles daily, or even weekly? I know I can't say yes to those questions truthfully. Can you?

Independence Day, the 4th of July, in 1776 we declared our indepenence, we were independent from England, we wanted to be independent so we could worship God, but do we? Do we use the freedom that our fore fathers fought with their lives for? They said "In God we Trust," but do we? In my opinion, God should not only be in the center of our lives, our homes, and our schools, but God should be in the center of the hearts of Americans.


Emily said...

Well... my comment didn't post. =( So maybe I'll email you what I said instead of typing it all out again.


Emily said...

Okay... so I think that it works better if I'm not logged into my blog for whatever reason. So I'll just re-comment what I commented before.

That is really crazy that the same thing happened to you. So did your dad do the whole thing by himself? My dad considers it one the the happiest moments of his life... along with when my mom said, "yes" and all those romancy-type things.
I'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately... I have been incredibly busy with church, school, camp, vacation, etc. Now I just have church and school, so I'll try to be around more frequently!

Buttercup said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting!!!! I have very few people who ever comment, so don't be sorry. :) Even though I love comments! lol. Yep, the midwife got to our house 5 minutes after he was born!

Thanks again!
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