Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"What impresses you?"

This is a great topic that the Rebelution covered lately. After I read the article I had to post some here!

It starts off with this movie of a 6 year old girl, maybe the next Mozart...take a look:

What did you think? Amazing right!?! Then the article. I will post a little here, but I think it is really worth it to read the whole thing, click here to read the whole thing.

"When I watch Emily Bear play the piano, do I remember that she was created through Christ and for Christ? When my heart begins to admire an athlete’s talent, do I remind myself that in Him that athlete holds together? When I am confronted with the intellectual precision of a thinker, speaker, or communicator, do I use that as an opportunity to recall that Jesus is more accomplished, more masterful, more expert, more skillful, more excellent, more outstanding?"

"What impresses you? And how do you take advantage of those moments to turn and worship your Savior? It is good to be impressed. We are wired to be blown-away by glory. But we only see pieces of glory in people — and they all point to the one who created all things, holds all things together, and is above and before everything." - Brett Harris

So, I ask, what impresses you?

(I made some things bigger)

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