Friday, June 26, 2009

What detail! Who could have made it?

Who could have designed this gorgeous flower? Who could have made this flower? And here's the big thing, who could have made this flower out of absolutely nothing? God did. He is so awesome! He made not only this flower, but every plant and animal in the world! And not only that, He made us, all of us! He made each of us unique, in His own image! How much better can it get?!?!

Now, just think about this for a second, if God is so powerful and awesome and wonderful and creative, then why don't we praise Him every time we see a beautiful flower, or tree, or animal, or even a human being? Why do some people ignore the fact that everything is so perfectly created? Why/how do some people think that everything came about by random chance?

I don't understand how some people can look at a human being and say that we evolved. Every part of our bodies is there for a reason, to serve a purpose. Yes, there are organs that you can live without, but they do serve a purpose. Trust me, I had to have my appendix removed, am I dead? Um, that's an obvious no. So, does it serve a purpose? Yes. How? How could it serve a purpose, yet you can live without it? Well, the appendix is the organ right before your large intestine, and "the cells within the appendix are the same kind of cells we find in the infection-fighting organ which specifically fights off infections of the large and/or small intestine."* So, it has cells in it that fight infection in the intestines, so what do you think it is good for? Fighting infections! But, there are other organs that fight off infections there too, so do we need it? Well, yes. It takes some of the load off of the other infection fighting organs, to make their work easier. But, we can live without it, because it is not the only organ doing that job.

So, back to my first question, "who could have made it?" I know I couldn't! I took the picture above, but I did not make the flower. People can paint a picture of a human being, but we can't make a real human being. "Who could have made it?" Who could have made you? God. He created you!!! Thank Him, love Him, worship Him. And always remember how much He loves you.

*Dr. Jay L. Wile, Exploring Creation with General Science.

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