Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fruity tag!

Chelsea made this tag, I think it is real cute and creative. :) Thanks, Chelsea! Here we go!

1. If you went to the store and could have your pick of any kind of fruit what would it be?
Pears or mangoes

2. What fruit of the Spirit would your friends and family say describes you the most?
love or faithfulness

3. What is your least favorite kind of fruit?
idk, I have not tried one I do not like. :)

4. On a day when you feel depressed or upset, what kind of fruit would you eat?

5. Which fruit of the Spirit do you consider a must quality in the friends that you chose?

6. What kind of fruit filled pie do you enjoy the most?
apple or pear or both!

7. Do you prefer apple cider or orange juice?
orange juice

8. Patience or joy?

9. Cherries or oranges?

10. A book about the fruits of the Spirit or a book about fruit?
Fruits of the Spirit

If you want to do this tag, then go right ahead! Also though, please go visit Chelsea's blog, and leave a comment telling her you're doing it (since she made it). Then go do it! :D


Buttercup said...

Chelsea was having trouble posting comments, so here is hers:

Thanks for posting on my tag. Good answers, too, btw! How has your week been? Do you get summer vacation where you live? If so, are you out of school yet or do you have another week or so? I'm enjoying my summer vacation, but I keep thinking that it will go so fast. Well, I better get going now. Have an awesome week!
-Chelsea (from Club CHEA)

girloffaith said...

cool tag !
i think i might use it on my blog!