Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Years Resolutions #5

Hello everyone! Well, for some reason, this month I have been really wanting to do this post. I don't know why....

Anyways, my Bible reading is going good, I am having to do it at different times of day than normal, because we have either been doing stuff in the mornings (biking, garage sale, etc.), or I am just too tired. But I am getting it done. So that is good. :) I am in first Timothy, I read chapters two and three today because I forgot to read yesterday. I have been ready a chapter a day normally, since I do some Bible reading in school too.

As for the room cleaning, um, I have not done so good this month, last Friday it was gorgeous!!!! Hey! Don't you think a thoroughly cleaned room is beautiful?!?!?! I do!!! And, guess what! It has stayed clean all week!!!!! I am so excited!!!! So, hopefully that was the "halfway through the year turnaround." LOL. I will try VERY hard now to keep it perfect. I promise.

I hope your resolutions are going better than mine! Tell me how it's going, I love comments! :)

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