Sunday, October 31, 2010

Announcement and Concert Pics!

Hey Y'all! Hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday! Just wanted to let y'all know that the October issue of the free, online Mission Minded Teens magazine, Go Ye Therefore, is coming out today! This is our 7th issue! And let me tell y'all this, there is an awesome guest article in this one so you won't want to miss out! Email us at to subscribe.

For those of you who are new to reading my blog and haven't heard of Mission Minded Teens or Go Ye Therefore: the purpose of Go Ye Therefore is to equip teens with information and inspire and challenge them to get involved with missions and making a difference in this world, therefore our online magazine is free. All you have to do is send us your email address so we can get it to you! Simple it is, yes? (sorry, couldn't resist)


Last night, I got to go to my second concert! And it ROCKED!!! It was MercyMe with Phil Wickham! (I didn't know who he was 'til last night either, so don't feel bad. He's a new singer as far as I know.) The theme was The Generous Mr. Lovewell, their new CD! And if you haven't gotten that one yet, do it! I rocks, y'all! There are so many great songs on there! Anyways, here's some pics from last night.

I had to zoom in a lot, so I was super happy today when I uploaded them to the computer and a few of them turned out okay! lol. Also, since this was my first big concert...were the screen things new or has that been around for a while? Cause man, that was pretty cool! lol.

The only weird thing was that they didn't sing their title song. Oh, well. They sang my favorite one though! So-Long Self!!! oh yeah!

Well, I tried to upload the two videos that I took, but it's took forever for the first one, and then I tried to play it and make sure it worked, and "an error occurred." oh, joy. Sorry y'all.


Thanks for taking Poppy and I, Mom and Dad! We LOVED it!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



Taylor said...

Cool! I love MercyMe but I've never been to one of their concerts! (Honestly, the only concert I've been to was when my parents surprised us with Radio Disney's 10th Birthday concert featuring Hannah Montana, Aly & A.J., and the Jonas Brothers... to name a few. We don't really listen to those artists anymore, though.

I'm glad you had fun!! :)

Kendra said...

Sounds exciting! I've never been to a concert before. :(

Never mind, we have CDs! :D