Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prayer Request for a Puppy

Hey Y'all,

Our poor, poor puppy! While we were out of town, a friend of ours was taking care of her. She had a hard week, and so did our friend! :( She broke her paw (long story) and has a splint on it. Also, she developed eczema, so to treat it, the vet had to shave half of one side of her body. On top of all that, she has broken blood vessels in one eye because she hit it on a step. The poor little pup wants to run and play, but she’s not supposed to, so we can’t let her. :( So, you can be praying for her if you think of her. She gets her stitches out in a week. Her name is Maggie and she is 12 weeks old.



Emily said...

Oh, poor thing! I hope she's doing better by now.

I LOVE your blog!!! Did you design it yourself, have someone design it for you, or find it somewhere online? =P Cuteness!

Buttercup said...

thanks for the comment, Emily. :)

She is doing better. She looks horrible, but better. :) I could post a picture if you want.

I'm so glad! Well, I got the background from Hot Bliggety Blog. (click the banner thing in the upper left hand corner.) And I made the header. :)