Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Years Resolutions #2

I am sorry I did not post last month. :( This month will be busy too, so I am posting at the beginning of the month before I forget again, or just put it off. :)

#1- Read through the New Testament: Well, I have a good reason to say that I am still in Matthew. I am changing the version in which I read, so I just started over. Not to much to say about that.

#2- Have my room clean by the time I go to sleep on Friday night, so it is clean when I wake up on Saturday morning: (I think I keep changing the wording on that, lol.) I sometimes clean it up. :) O.k. guilty as charged. :) I really need someone to help me!!!! I share a room with two really messy little girls, who hate cleaning the room! O.k I can be messy too, but not as much! :D At least I think of cleaning the room without being told. :D I think I am getting off of the subject now. Anyway, it really has turned into a clean one week not clean the next week pattern. Exactly what I was afraid of. Oh, well, I will keep my eye on the target, I still hope to reach my goal.

How are your resolutions going? I love to hear from my readers! :)

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